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Changing the business of water

Purezza Premium Water, a pioneering hospitality company founded in Australia, is changing the way restaurants, cafes and hotels do business.

The company, which also now operates in the Unites States and several countries through-out Europe, started as the manifestation of an idea to reimagine the way water was sourced and offered to customers across venues. This vision, coupled with consumer demand for alternatives to single-serve bottled water, motivated the company to pioneer a simple, contemporary and great tasting alternative by delivering premium dispensing solutions that enabled venues to utilise their own locally-sourced water supply to offer water directly to their customers.

According to Purezza Global Head, Scott Mitchell, the company’s success was borne out of the desire from venues and consumers to “change the game”.

“When we started the business, we really believed that there had to be a better way for consumers to buy great-tasting water that didn’t have to be as wasteful and harmful to the environment as single-use bottled water is. When we started pitching the idea to venues, the overwhelming positivity towards the concept told us we were onto something that was going to change the industry, and it has.”

So how does it work?

The Purezza solution uses locally-sourced water from the municipal supply. Then, the latest technologies are used to carbonate and filter the liquid to produce refreshing, on-demand sparkling or still, cold or ambient water. Rather than serving the water in a single-use bottle that is just thrown away, the venue pours on site and serves the water fresh in high-quality, Purezza-branded reusable bottles. The result, says Mitchell, is great-tasting, better value and more socially responsible than traditional methods.

“Serving water that has just been poured from an on-site dispenser is as fresh as water gets. If you are a venue, by serving fresh you are giving your customers an experience that pre-bottled water can’t match. The customer orders the product right off the menu like they would a pre-packaged bottle, but it comes freshly poured straight to the table.”

However, it is not just the freshness and quality of the water that has driven Purezza’s success; venues signed up in droves to implement the Purezza concept to improve their operations. Mitchell explains that by eliminating almost all of the transport, storage and environmental costs, venues benefit with better margins and a lot more flexibility.

“Transporting pre-packaged water, often from overseas suppliers, is a huge expense that is passed on to the venue and ultimately the consumer. This just doesn’t make sense when such a high-quality water resource is available instantly at a fraction of the cost. By choosing Purezza, a venue can eliminate almost all of the unnecessary cost, which in turn increases their margins. If you can increase your margins, whilst at the same time providing a great product that is sustainable, reduces waste and frees up storage space, that ticks a lot of boxes”.

It seems that the new era of freshly-dispensed, sustainable water is here to stay.

Over the last 7 years, Purezza has grown significantly and is now served in over 5,000 venues across France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, The Netherlands, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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