Purezza Premium Water Petalosa bottles nominated for the green product award 2021

The new Petalosa bottle range from Purezza Premium Water has been nominated for the Green Product Award. This Award showcases sustainable and innovative products and services and provides a platform for established companies and start-ups to network and show off their unique achievements.

The bespoke, reusable bottles have been engineered for busy hospitality environments, with a focus on three key areas; sustainability, hygiene and aesthetic. Our solution allows venues to dispense sparkling or still water directly from Purezza water dispensers into the bottles, eliminating single-use plastic and glass bottles from the supply chain. Constructed from recyclable glass our bottles significantly extend the lifecycle of the product allowing venues to upgrade to a sustainable and inexpensive alternative to pre-packaged bottled water. In aesthetic, hygiene and ergonomic design, our bottles elevate the user experience for venue and customer alike.

Purezza Global Head, Scott Mitchell, says: “Being nominated for the Green Product Award recognises our efforts and commitment to promoting sustainable water supply chains in the industry using reusable solutions. By choosing to use these serving bottles, venues will effectively and significantly decrease their carbon footprint as delivery and transportation costs are eliminated, there is no unnecessary waste, and the bottles are dishwasher and glass washer safe which means that less water is required to clean the bottles than traditional manual washing processes.”

Mitchell adds, “The eco-friendly aspect of the bottles facilitates not only the customer’s green goals, but as an organisation, our own sustainability goals of helping to remove single-use plastic bottles from the hospitality supply chain.”

Purezza Premium Water supplies sustainable drinking water solutions for hospitality and operates extensively through-out Europe, Australia and The United State of America.

About Purezza Premium Water

Purezza Premium Water, part of the Waterlogic Group, provides high-quality sustainable water dispensing solutions to thousands of restaurants, cafés and hotels globally. Purezza’s leading technologies allows these businesses to utilise their own locally sourced water supply to offer on-demand, cold or ambient, sparkling or still water to their customers in refillable glass bottles. These solutions are tastier, healthier, cleaner, more economical and socially responsible than traditional single-use plastic bottled water. Purezza is well progressed on achieving its target of removing 30 million single-use bottles annually from the global hospitality supply chain, while at the same time providing high quality and value products and services to its customers that positively impact their bottom line and reduce their impact on the environment.

For further information, visit: www.purezzawater.com

Green Product Award

For more information about the Green Product Award, visit: www.gp-award.com