Water Dispensing Solutions offered exclusively to the hospitality channel

A key component for delivering a positive and healthy dining experience for your customers is great tasting water. This may seem like a simple and obvious detail, but it is often overlooked.

Purezza water dispensing solutions are efficient and offer high flow and high capacity catering exclusively to the HORECA sector and for all types of restaurants and cafes.

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Profits flow with Purezza

With Purezza, bottling your own profit is easy. Our systems supply unlimited sparkling and still water for a low, fixed monthly cost. After the monthly investment, ALL revenue goes directly to the venue (not the water supplier) so the profits keep increasing with water sales. The Purezza solution isn’t just about water. Use Purezza to make simple, low cost, high revenue sparkling beverages. Just add syrups and natural ingredients to produce home-made sodas, sparkling ice teas, cocktails, mocktails, detox waters and flavoured sparkling water.

Simplify operations

Our dispensing systems are made to last, and to keep producing ice cold, delicious sparkling and still water in busy environments.

  • System sizes to suit any space and output requirement
  • Powerful under-bench or counter-top options available
  • Unrivalled high-output ice bank technology
  • A range of stylish dispensers — single, twin or triple output options

Purezza Total Care

At Purezza, we understand how it important it is for your equipment to be at its best. So we take the worry of servicing and maintenance away to let you focus on your guests and your revenue. A service pack is included with the Purezza offering to ensure peace of mind and the best water quality.

Become more sustainable with Purezza

Pre-packaged bottled water is extremely damaging to the environment. Purezza significantly reduces the cost and eliminates the environmental impact of expensive single-use bottles. Save time, money and hassles with Purezza’s environmentally friendly on-site bottling systems.

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