What our customers say

“Purezza is conveniently easy to use, drives profit to the bottom line, adds versatility to the menu and reduces our carbon footprint. But best of all, the freshness tastes like home.”

Chef Giovanni Pilu
Pilu at Freshwater, Australia

“Purezza is popular for the nice bottles and that the water is locally produced without long shipping, which is good for the planet.”

Jörgen Einsbohr
Pumphuset, Landskrona

"With often more than 700 guests for lunch, Purezza is a life saver for us! We used to consume enormous amounts of bottled water, burdened both staff and environment. With Purezza we save work hours, get a better work environment and we are able to serve a sustainable product! Total win!"

Tobias Wikberg
Hotell Rival, Sweden

"It’s so convenient having the sparkling water and chilled filtered water on tap! We love that it reduces the cost for us, for the customer, as well as reducing our overall waste by being able to reuse the Purezza bottles. The taps look great in the bar as well."

Collins Quarter, Australia

"Purezza has given us the ability tp provide our customers with fanatstic tasting water, without compormising our ethos. The installation process was incredibly simple and Ben’s continued support has ensured a stress free change to an environmentally conscious water system."

Six Brighton, United Kingdom