What's all the bubble about?

As consumers, it has been hard to ignore the rapid increase in sparkling water brands populating restaurant menus and supermarket shelves in recent years. In fact, such has been the meteoric nature of the growth of the category that sparkling water now ranks amongst the fastest growing segments of the carbonated water market. This growth has been particularly pronounced in markets such as North America and Europe, with the US alone doubling domestic sparkling water sales between 2015 and 2017 to $8.5 billion 1.

As the third largest beverage category, water delivers 31% of total dollar growth and sparkling water is considered to be the biggest contributor to the overall growth of the water segment. In contrast to this rapid growth, volume sales for carbonated soft drinks declined for the 13th consecutive year in 2017 2.

The decline in soft drink sales and the steady rise of sparkling water can be attributed to a number of factors, but the main reason is a consumer shift towards healthier beverage options. Increasing health awareness has prompted consumers to move away from high-sugar, high-calorie beverages in search for healthier alternatives, such as flavored and unflavored sparkling water. Greater public awareness of the factors contributing to high incidences of obesity, especially in North America, has also provided impetus to the shift in demand to healthier options. Sugar-free, all natural and low (or no) calorie drinks offer a guilt-free alternative for consumers in the non-alcoholic beverage market.

From a sub-category perspective, consumers tend to perceive sparkling water as more premium than non-carbonated water, and as such a higher quality consumer experience 3. Further, as the industry continues to innovate through a variety of flavor and product options, sparkling water is viewed as a dynamic and trend-setting category particularly amongst millennial consumers who, on a global scale, seek out new experiences in the beverage sector.

With the global sparkling water market expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of more than 3% during the period 2016-20204, the sparkling water trend is here to stay. Progressive venues in the HoReCa space will continue to embrace this rising trend and capitalise on consumers’ tendencies to reject sugary beverages in favor of healthier options.

As more and more consumers are reaching for sparkling water, Purezza premium water systems are the perfect solution, for any venue, to dispense fresh, great tasting, unlimited sparkling and still water on-site. Couple that with the increasing trend of consumers searching for healthier and environmentally friendly choices, the need for alternative water solutions has become even more prevalent.

Cheers to a new kind of bubbly!